Finding focus

First of all I apologize if THIRD WAY KITSAP has felt disjointed, sporadic and generally without focus.  I hope that we can begin to change some of that by honing in on Peacemaking, nonviolence, and third way thinking.

Shifting Gears

The last few years has been a journey for us as a family, and though we have stayed put here in Kitsap County, We feel a calling, a spiritual migration of sort. calling us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.  I am drawn powerfully to Jesus’ invitation into the gospel of peace, And I presently identify as an Anabaptist and I love this expression of faith. For the last two years or so we have begun the early phases of church planting and though I still think that may be in the cards in the future, I am realizing that THIRD WAY KITSAP is bigger then one denomination or religious tradition.   It is a movement. A learning community, people from all different walks of life and faith traditions learning together the values and postures of peacemaking, nonviolence, and being a voice for a third way in a ever increasingly polarized world.

A Call to Contribute

We have a lot to learn from each other and so I would like to present THIRD WAY KITSAP as a learning community for those who are in Kitsap county and who would be interested in learning together how to live out this radical calling to be peacemakers in our world.  What all this looks like on a practical level I am not sure yet. We may get together from time to time for a potluck, but it will probably be mostly online, sharing our experience, questions and reflections on peacemaking together. learning from each other and other voices past and present who are committed to living out this calling which I believe is central to the message of Jesus.

I would love to piece together a team of passionate peace orientated people who will contribute from time to time on the blog and Facebook page. If this is you let me know.

If this isn’t you but you would like to be involved we have a  discussion forum and feel free to engage on Facebook, and from time to time we will get together for a discussion over food and drinks.