Jer Ellis (Bio)

I am an Anabaptist pastor in Kitsap County, Wa. I believe that peacemaking and nonviolence are at the heart of Jesus teachings. Our world is so polarized – you are in or out, progressive or conservative, Democrat or Republican, and the list goes on and on and on.

We tend to want our lives to be black and white, but life is more a spectrum and we can learn from both sides, or rather all sides of the divide, and when we do we find that there is a Third Way which is neither fight nor flight, but invitation and challenge and transformation.

We are all on a journey and I hope to join you in yours and that you will join me in mine. I do not claim to have all the answers, or even have my life figured out, but I am compelled by the 1st century rabbi, who invited his disciples into a peacemaking movement that at its center is all about love and inclusion.

Throughout the last 2000 years the message of God’s grace has been co-opted and abused and I admit that I too, at times, am guilty of doing exactly that. I have my story and you have your own, and  I hope that through THIRD WAY KITSAP we can learn and grow from one another’s experiences, reflections, and observations regarding peacemaking, nonviolence and third way thinking.


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